Domain User fix patch

David Mulcahy david.mulcahy at
Sat Mar 2 15:19:01 GMT 2002

Hello all

Firstly let me point out I cannot substantiate all of the details yet (I am 
working on it so i hope you can help) but after upgrading to samba 3 cvs 
3/2/2002 i am getting very similar conditions that led me to delete all files 
in a users directory just by logging on only after applying the domain user 
fix patch.

First thing I notice when upgrading to v3 is all users home directory cryptic 

secondly i am receiving something about cannot create profile directory 
because \\pdc\test       name resolve order = wins.pds - which was exactly 
what i was receiving in 2.2.3 patch applied just before i deleted all the 

Maybe it is something that i am doing wrong  I am honestly not sure anymore 
but all I can say for now is everything was fine in 2.2.3 before I applied 
the Domain user fix?

just a quick output from smbstatus -S

Samba version 3.0-alpha15
PID     Username      Group         Machine
21755   root          root          eseol        (

Service      pid     machine       Connected at
 ö'@ ö'@8Í   21755   eseol         Sat Mar  2 20:47:44 2002
[root at alan bin]#

Hope you can make something of that.

David Mulcahy

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