Fw: [Samba] Samba y Windows 2000!!

David V.H. Mérida dmerida at silver.udg.es
Fri Mar 1 10:38:28 GMT 2002

Well, I reviewed my email and there were some mistakes. Sorry, my english is
not good enough!!

I'm sending a new one.

Dear friends,

Finally, we've been successful with Samba's configuration. We think so ¿?.
But now,
we've another problems.

At these moment, we can mount shared resources from a PC with Windows 98 in
Linux. We can do it, using either commands of Samba - smbmount - or
Komba2 interface, that we've also installed.

The 1st problem is that we can't mount shared resources from a PC with
Windows 2000. Moreover this machine has
a firewall installed. The firewall doesn't receive any request from our

The 2nd one is that the PCs with Windows98/2000 can´t see our PC with
Linux/Samba over the net.

We don't know what happens!!

Can anybody help us?


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