NT_STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL when trying to serve 70 printers to Win2K

Homann, Mathias Mathias.Homann at airbus.dasa.de
Fri Mar 1 01:25:03 GMT 2002

"Homann, Mathias" wrote:

> from what I've seen in the server logs, the problem itself is some
> routine in the rpc server segfaulting...
> anyhow, if that would mean I'd have to upgrade all the samba servers
> here to some development version, I don't think the bosses here would
> like that idea...

yea, checked... running the 3.0 alpha version is totally out of the
question here. but if it were ONLY the rpcclient, and the server would
still be the 2.2.x, it would be ok. But as I cant access the cvs from
here... and that ftp access to the samba ccvs tree won't tar.gz on the

Tim, could you mail me a tar.gz of the latest cvs snapshot?


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