VS: Default ACL dosn't work

Nieminen, Jooel Jooel.Nieminen at gwspikval.com
Sun Jun 30 23:37:03 GMT 2002

I've had the exact same problem.
there has been no way to set samba use the rights.
only way around was to set inheritance on acl's and
anyway, this does not prevent samba from setting itself
the file permissions.
it forces them to be owner, domain users, and everyone!
silly I say.
seems that the acl-code in samba is not really considered
as a solution but more as addin, sadly.
so can't have real NT connectivity on file-level yet with


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Aihe: Fw: Default ACL dosn't work


I've a problem with the default ACL,  
 I'm using samba 2.2.3a and the lastest XFS & ACL patch.
I setted a default acl at console, it worked at local site, 
 I created a new file, and it inherited the default acl.
 But when I created a file from windows 2000, the file didn't
 use default acl.
 What's the problem? 

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