UTF8 and character set

The DJ hartman at mac.com
Sat Jun 29 17:40:02 GMT 2002

I was writing some code for a config tool and was wondering the following.

What happens when you set "coding system = utf8"?
Do you still need to set the character set in that case?
Or is it unnecessary in that case.
And can you set "coding system=utf8" with any other client codepages then
932? I believe Ukranian does so???

The documention is really not complete I think when it comes to:
Character set
Client code page
Coding system

I have the feeling some stuff is missing there. I see nothing about the
Ukrainian stuff added in 2.2.4 and as a matter of fact I don't see UTF8
being mentioned anywhere.

I'll be glad when 3.0 gets out and we don't have to bother with that stuff


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