VCs, MaxNumberVCs, SessionKey

Raghu Iyer riyer at
Fri Jun 28 07:51:02 GMT 2002


Can a SMB expert help me understand how VcNumber, 
MaxNumberVCs, SessionKey are used in the SMB protocol
with some examples and commands that can be issued
from a NT/W2K client to a NT/W2K/Samba Server to
experiment with.

Is there a good reference that can illustrate the concepts
behind these parameters ? I have gone through the
CIFS mailing list on and have a
very hazy idea. I have not been able to produce sessions 
where - MaxNumberVCs is > 1 OR where SessionKey 
is != 0 OR where VcNumber is != 0. So I fail to appreciate
under what circumstances these parameters change.

Thanks in Advance,

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