[Samba] RE: FW: samba woes

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Wed Jun 26 14:42:01 GMT 2002

"Johnston, Christopher (DCSA)" wrote:
> Excellent.. however we are attempting to try and put together an LDAP solution here at ML to keep a centralized database of SID->UID mappings.. than letting the LDAP client make calls against the
> database for a UID.. what we would need is a backend script/program to make calls against winbind using wbinfo.. and than passing that info off to the LDAP server.. not sure if that would work.. but
> it is something management here has been talking about asking me to implement..

There was a plugin interface posted to samba-technical a little while
back.  The author didn't get back to me with the last lot of mods I
requested (or I lost the e-mail), but it was in pretty good shape by
that stage anyway.

You could go with that, and write a plugin for it - I'm working with
some others on SAM database design and I expect that the sid->uid
interface will come up next.

The people invloved are 'kai', 'metze', 'idra' and I on the
#samba-technical IRC channel - irc.openprojects.net.  (Which, much like
the samba-technical list, is not a 'answer your questions' forum, but
has been very useful in enhancing developer interaction - both inside
and outside the team).

Andrew Bartlett

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