FW: samba woes

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Wed Jun 26 12:06:39 GMT 2002

>The common way to do that *kind* of thing would be by using SMBFS.
>My *guess* (because I really have not spent enough time working with
>SMBFS) is that the problem you're seeing is that you want a user-context
>mount (that is, only the user who mounted the share
>should be able to see the share), but you can't get that with SMBFS.
>That's a guess...
>I don't know if Steve's CIFS VFS bypasses that.  He just made it
>available last week, I think...
I spoke to Steve earler today (he's at OLS) about this exact topic.  He's
currently working on this (and he wants to talk to YOU, jra) as we speak
(and I think as someone else speaks in Ottawa).  It will support it soon,
if not already.
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