FW: samba woes

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Wed Jun 26 10:55:01 GMT 2002

>Portion of the  strace where it sets the locks the shared environment
again using fcntl() using
>a 64bit argument against the function.  Which is why I am getting an
invalid argument because
>that argument can not be used with that  function.

>fcntl(8191,  F_SETLKW64, {type=F_WRLCK, whence=SEEK_SET, start=0, len=1},
0xbfffeec0) = -1  EINVAL (Invalid argument)
>write(2, "ERROR: can\'t get smbw shared loc"...,  53ERROR: can't get smbw
shared lock (Invalid argument))= 53
What is the hardware platform?

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