VFS on 2.2.5 and FreeBSD -stable

David W. Chapman Jr. dwcjr at inethouston.net
Wed Jun 26 10:15:02 GMT 2002

> smbd must be compiled so that it is exporting symbols that
> a dlopen'ed VFS module can link back to the loading smbd.
> It looks like these people have compiled smbd without the
> ld option that means it will export its symbols.

I think I've tracked down exactly what happened.  A while back 
someone sent some FreeBSD patches to fix the VFS modules WRT DYNEXP 
flags.  The flags that FreeBSD needs are DYNEXP="-Wl,--export-dynamic"
Later on someone from openbsd posted something to fix their problems, 
which would be DYNEXP="-Wl,-E".  Looking through configure.in, it 
appears that only DYNEXP="-Wl,-E" are used or am I not looking in the 
right place?

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