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David Collier-Brown davecb at
Wed Jun 26 06:49:02 GMT 2002

> "Johnston, Christopher (DCSA)" wrote:
> Was curious.. does smbsh work in Linux.. I am having all sort of
> compilation issues with file locking.. I understand there was a bug
> in glibc 2.1 which caused havok with 64 bit locking.. I assume that
> has been fixed by now since I am running the latest and greatest
> glibc..
> Redhat 7.3
> Glibc 2.2.5
> Samba 2.2.5

	It did run once, but subsequently had problems 
	with the glibc folks: at one point they actually 
	seemed to think smbsh was a bad idea (;-))

	In principle, there is nothing in Linux that
	should stop smbsh: I use exactly the same calls 
	in my Linux as my Solaris interceptors[1].
	And I'd love to see smbsh universally available[2]!

	What's the symptoms? How can  we help?

[1. I'm a former member of the ABI team at Sun, write lots
   of interceptors, and have given Linux talks on the
 2. I think HP may have had a related problem, but I haven't 
    looked lately: anyone tried it???]
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