Deadtime parameter still kills connections in 2.2.5

Robbert Kouprie robbert at
Tue Jun 25 13:03:01 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I recently posted about this problem using samba 2.2.3a. I now upgraded
to 2.2.5, and the problem still exists. The problem is Windows XP
clients in the domain can't reconnect to the samba fileservers (also in
the domain) after the deadtime in smb.conf is expired. The client
reports a "Bad username or password". Windows 98/NT/2000 reconnect

Because the fileservers which show this problem authenticate against a
true NT4 PDC, I also tried different "security = " settings in smb.conf
("server" and "domain"). Yet still XP clients can't reconnect after the
deadtime is expired. 

Anyone know what's going on, or know were to look?

Thanks in advance,
- Robbert Kouprie

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