Very bad performance when copying large files from windows to samba-share

Lars Heineken Lars.Heineken at
Mon Jun 24 13:18:17 GMT 2002

ou're right, the machine is filling up a tempfile. During the pause between write-request and writing my machine has heavy disk activity.  When I copy a very large file (large than this one) the win-client times out after 60 seconds and a file containing zeros is stored where the copy should be (with exactly the size of the copy). The Samba-Server behaves like "strict allocate" was set to "yes" . But it's turned of.. Maybe Samba isn't recognizing (or minding) the option ?

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> Interesting;
> it's fairly obvious  from the trace that your server is doing SOMETHING for
> the ~45 seconds
> between the initial smb write request of 0 bytes at offset whatever, and the
> evenuual reply.
> I am not familiar with the version of unix you are using (I'm an HPUX guy
> myself) but I would 
> concentrate at this point on finding some tool like sar, or something that
> would let you see
> WHAT's going on ON THE BOX during these 45 seconds of apparent network
> inactivity.  Even something
> as simple as doing repetitive du's or lls on the directory where the file is
> being created, and watch
> for block/file increases during this time would tell you if your os is
> 'filling up' space for the 
> write...
> Just a thought,
> Don
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> .. I stumbled over this option before and these are a few Lines from my
> smb.conf:
> # Security mode. Most people will want user level security. See
> # security_level.txt for details.
>    security = share
>    write raw = no
>    strict allocate = No
> # Use password server option only with security = server or security =
> domain
> # When using security = domain

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