OT: Alien OS "security" issues :)

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at adcomdata.no
Mon Jun 24 02:20:02 GMT 2002


My OS have something called "assigns".
It's an very practical symbolic link thing.

Amigsos have basic "volumes" is this style:

 - sys:
 - work:
 - s:

The posix wrapper emulation translate this
into to "/sys" "/work" etc

"Assigns" gives you the possibility to map this way:

assign ulf: "work:ulf/test"

then you can "cd ulf:" and pwd will be "work:ulf/test"

Let's say you share "/"

Then you can cd "\\amiga\all"

ls shows


But what you can do is:


And you dump right into "work:ulf/test"

I guess the security issue is quite ironic as the os
itself is not multiuser and have no real consept of file security.

Do any other os have simular behavior ?

What I consider is an set env variable like

Still using alien os =D

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