Proposed utf8 ldap patch...

Juergen Hasch Hasch at
Sun Jun 23 13:59:02 GMT 2002

Hi Jim,

Am Sonntag, 23. Juni 2002 19:30 schrieb Jim McDonough:
> Ok, before I check anything in, I'd like to hear any objections, comments,
> complaints, insults, and the like.
> I've based it loosely on Juergen Hasch's work, but I tried to make it more
> integral to the standard ads_* API's.  I also cleaned up some of the
> ads_mod_* functions.  Hopefully it's discerning when to convert and when
> not to....let me know what works.  My prelinary trials seem to work, though
> "unix charset" and "display charset" need to be set to something that works
> for you...

looks quite good here. I only made a few simple tests, but it seems to work.

> Of course, it won't let me do it as a comment for the user, because that
> gets used as the first component of the dn, and I'm apparently not doing
> the right thing in converting the dn.  Time to look deeper at the spec for
> utf8 encoding in dn's.  I know it's supported...

You don't seem to convert new_dn in ldap_user.c/ads_add_user() to UTF-8.
I added a push_utf8 call and now I can do a 
	net user add blöduser --comment=blöde


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