Deadtime parameter kills connections completely for Windows XP

Robbert Kouprie robbert at
Sun Jun 23 12:26:01 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I run a samba 2.2.3a server, which serves shares to a variety of Windows
clients. The server has the deadtime parameter set to avoid running out
of resources. Now, has anyone an idea why a Windows XP client responds
with a "Bad username or password" after the deadtime has expired?
Windows 9x/2000 work perfectly well, and do the auto-reconnect. But
Windows XP fails miserably to reconnect and the client has to be
rebooted to get connected to the share again.

Is this a (known) Windows XP bug, or is this a new "feature" that isn't
accounted for in samba yet?

Thanks in advance,
- Robbert Kouprie

Note: If this is fixed in 2.2.5 please let me know, but I'm not able to
use 2.2.4 or 2.2.5 due to another bug which incorrectly reports an error
everytime I create a directory on a writable share. The directory IS
created though, but still an error is reported. 2.2.3a and before have
no problems. Client is Win2kSP2.

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