Proposed utf8 ldap patch...

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Sun Jun 23 11:20:03 GMT 2002

Urban Widmark wrote:
>I guess it depends on which locales you have installed and how your bash
>was built, but all of these work for me:
>$ LC_CTYPE=en_US bash
Never mind, it does work, so long as "display charset" is set to something
useful, and it's not in kdbg.   Kdbg gets rid of the non-ascii chars.

Thanks for making me do a sanity check ;-)

Of course, it won't let me do it as a comment for the user, because that
gets used as the first component of the dn, and I'm apparently not doing
the right thing in converting the dn.  Time to look deeper at the spec for
utf8 encoding in dn's.  I know it's supported...
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