TDBs and various other files?

Nir Soffer nirs at
Sun Jun 23 06:58:01 GMT 2002


I've been looking around the code lately, and I was wondering what TDBs 
are being used by which process and what for. (and files, for that

Is there an documentation for that? If there is I'd love a reference.

For what I've gathered:

brlock.tdb		- Seems to be a lock database. Does that have
			  effect if I turn locking off?
connections.tdb	- Is that the file the keeps all session information?
			  is this just an informative file or is it just
			  for message passing?
locking.tdb		- Looks like a lock database too, what's the
			  between this one one and brlock? Does _that_
			  any effect if I turn locking off?
[ Skipped drivers and printing TDBs, since I know nothing about that. ]
sessionid.tdb	- ?
share_info.tdb	- ?
browse.dat		- NMB keeps that... And I see that lanman.c
reads it
			  - but does anyone else? Does smbd _really_
			  about browse.dat or is the comment wrong?
messages.tdb	- A message passing file - what I've seen are only
			  PING and DEBUG messages. Are there any other
			  messages? What significance do they have?
unexpected.tdb	- Due to a bug in '95 some smb requests go to the
			  nmb port, and nmbd puts those there. Does
			  pick up those requests?
winbindd_cache.tdb - winbind cache (Ahhm)
winbindd_idmap.tdb - The winbind ID map - does this get generated
			   when winbind binds to the PDC? When is it

Any help would be appreciated!


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