smbfs AD support (was Re: CIFS VFS posted)

Tom Jansen tom at
Fri Jun 21 05:51:01 GMT 2002

> If there wasn't a performance loss (which I believe it is), a cool
> thing
> would be to make smbfs a userspace filesystem re-using the libsmb code
> directly. Others have suggested this, but not done much about it.

Ehm, I'm actually working on this. It is still very much _work in progress_ but
it does work already. This also may explain my current efforts. 
read/readdir open close support is working but nothing is done yet.

If people are interested, I can put the code somewhere to download (VFS tested
on linux 2.4.18, from HEAD (and patched with my latest patch).
Do _not_ expect this to work in reliable soon. And don't try it one machines
that can not be rebooted easily because I'm still tracing a nasty
can-not-umount-because-fs-is-busy-bug ;(

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