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Thu Jun 20 21:23:02 GMT 2002

Urban Widmark wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Steven French wrote:
> > Good question - at some point I need to look at that.   Clearly the
> > structure is quite a bit different between the two.  Most visibly the mount
> ...
> > specification.   Over time function between the two will probably diverge
> > quite a bit more.    I wanted to be much more aggressive in adding function
> > and in design risks in the cifs vfs (ie more aggressive than I guessed we
> > would be able to do in the smbfs which people rely on today to be stable)
> > e.g. in adding function such as access control and Kerberos integration.
> smbfs does the ActiveDirectory kerberos thing already, even if I haven't
> let the patches out yet because of some silly mapping bug. It needs 32 bit
> error codes and a flag in smbmount (and possibly a connection to the
> kerberos tools/libs to refresh tickets for long-time mounts).

Silly mapping bug?  NTSTATUS -> dos stuff?

As to smbmount, would you like the 'negotiate' patches put into Samba
HEAD?  I'm *very* interested in the kerberos stuff, particularly with
Samba unix extenstions.

> I saw the mention of a future userspace helper, if you do that why not
> reuse samba code for other (non-performance critical) things such as
> connecting?

Possibly becouse Samba client code is *ugly* :-).  

> smbmount is backwards, it should be mount that mounts smbfs and then smbfs
> calls back to smbmount (smbconnect). I have some rough patches for that
> too. Using "net use" to mount seems like a really bad idea to me, but
> maybe that was just for getting connections?

The idea there is just like smbmount - the syntax comes from a desire to
be a bit like NT, and an attempt to get just one client utility -
instead of a small gaggle of little, undocumented utilities.

> In the 2.5 kernels you can temporarily break anything you want :), so
> disrupting current users aren't that much of a problem. The only cost of
> breaking things is all the questions it generates.

I look forward to lots of breakage/deveopment in both implementations -
its good to see there is still some life it this area :-)

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