Strange behavior

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Thu Jun 20 15:59:01 GMT 2002


I'll comment a problem expecting that someone will help me.
To solve the problem of not having trusted domains, we placed
smbpasswd into a nfs volume, which is mounted by 2 server. This solved
our initial problem with authentication and home shares without
complications. Because of the known problem with nfs quotas, we
upgraded to 2.2.5 (our last version was 2.2.3), but now our users
suffer from a strange problem with most of MS software. Assume that we
have server1 and server2 masters of domains s1 and s2 (in order). A
user A1 logs in to domain s1 on ws1 and then logs in to domain s2 on
ws2, all MS software while on ws2 fails, but after changing to domain
s1 on ws3 or ws1 (we separated by numbers), the user A1 can work
without problems!?!. I'm sure this has to do with Profile information,
we erased A1's profile and did the same inverted procedure, and the
results we're the same. Any ideas???


PD: sorry for my english

Pablo Guentelica R.
pgr at
Departamento de Ing. Informatica
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

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