Large file size issues with Samba client.

Steven French sfrench at
Thu Jun 20 15:25:02 GMT 2002

FYI - The CIFS VFS handles large files and has been tested with RedHat 7.3
version of the kernel.  It was a pain to test due to the lack of sparse
file support on the Linux side (I had not seen an equivalent to the sparse
flag on the Linux side - but it sure helps on the Windows side in creating
test files).

From: "Brett Simpson" <Simpsonb at>
To: <samba-technical at>
Subject: Large file size issues with Samba client.

I'm trying to access a Windows 2000 server share that has files > 2GB =
using the Samba client 2.2.3 that comes with Redhat 7.3. It lists the =
files as being many times larger than their actual size. I upgraded to the
CVS version of Samba today and it still has the problem. Any ideas on how =
to work around this?

Viewed from Linux as a mount point to the Win2K.
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root     18446744071777017513 May 15 18:25 =

Viewed from Windows 2000.
BOCC_20020515_450kbps_21480048.rm    2,307,064KB RealMedia File 5/15/2002 =
6:25 PM


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