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Steven French sfrench at
Thu Jun 20 13:37:41 GMT 2002

I didn't make a tar ball of this particular version.   It is all in CVS
though (minus some bug fixes for locking e.g. my lock lengths are one byte
too short and I don't report the mandatory locking capable mode for files).
I will make a tar ball of the source on Monday.

I was holding off on making the announce on the kernel and fsdevel mailing
lists until I run better on the big endian architectures (I just got access
to an iSeries 64 bit, big endian machine for testing and I know already of
a few places where the code isn't endian neutral).   My tentative plan was
to bump the version to 0.5 when the big endian stuff works ok and make a
more general announce.

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Gerald Carter <jerry at> on 06/19/2002 04:06:32 PM

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Subject:    Re: CIFS VFS posted

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Steven French wrote:

> FYI - The CIFS VFS for Linux source has been posted to cifsvfs directory
> See for more


Do you have a release tarball?  Or is it all in CVS right now?

Oh...and I would announce this on the linux-kernel mailing list
as well as the linux-fsdevel lists.

cheers, jerry
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