Large file size issues with Samba client.

Esh, Andrew AEsh at
Thu Jun 20 11:32:01 GMT 2002

An 18.4 Exabyte realmedia file? Must be one of Jeremy Allison's ACL

That number is interesting. If you subtract it from 2^64, you get
1,932,534,103. If that number is added to the other reported file size
(2,307,064*1024), the result is 343 bytes less than 2^32. The 343 bytes is
explained by rounding in the bytes-to-kilobytes conversion being done in

My guess is, somewhere, the actual 32-bit unsigned file size is being
reported as a 32 bit signed number. That negative value is later represented
as a 64-bit signed number, and is later represented an unsigned 64-bit
number. That series of representation changes would convert the just-over
2GB file size into the just-under MAXINT64 size being shown in Linux.

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I'm trying to access a Windows 2000 server share that has files > 2GB using
the Samba client 2.2.3 that comes with Redhat 7.3. It lists the files as
being many times larger than their actual size. I upgraded to the CVS
version of Samba today and it still has the problem. Any ideas on how to
work around this?

Viewed from Linux as a mount point to the Win2K.
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root     18446744071777017513 May 15 18:25

Viewed from Windows 2000.
BOCC_20020515_450kbps_21480048.rm    2,307,064KB RealMedia File 5/15/2002
6:25 PM


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