Modifying winbind to work over TCP socket - questions

Nir Soffer nirs at
Thu Jun 20 09:11:06 GMT 2002


I want to get winbind to work over TCP sockets instead of a UNIX domain
socket (so I could run winbindd on one machine and avoid running it on 
several machines in a cluster).

I've got several questions -

I've already modified winbindd.c to accept another command line option
so it would listen to a TCP socket. I'm now having trouble dealing with
the client aspect.

Would modifying wb_common.c to read a configuration file for
configuration details be prudent? Wouldn't that mean that every time I
use a get*ent call the configuration file would be open()'d and then

Or perhaps I should put it in there as a compile time option? Or maybe
create a new service that would run as a winbind client and have the NSS
connect to the client process using a UNIX domain socket?

Any ideas you might have will be appreciated :)
Ofcourse - I'll be more than happy to send patches back if anyone wants

On another note - I've modified smbd to accept connections on a tcp port
and then close them automatically without a fork - for an inhouse
heartbeat mechanism (We didn't want smbd to fork every 5 seconds when we
queried it). Is there any demand in the community for such modifications
to be released back?


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