PATCH: context based libsmbclient

Tom Jansen tom at
Thu Jun 20 07:58:02 GMT 2002

Hi Richard, Andrew, List,

Attached is a patch agains current HEAD (5 mins ago) that completely changes the
way libsmbclient works.

o Everything is context based.
o Server cache can be made external but defaults to internal mechanism.
  (found in libsmb_cache.c)
o Checking server-connections before blindly using cached ones.
o libsmbclient.c split into three files: libsmbclient.c, libsmb_compat.c,
o backwards compatible (binary too). (libsmb_compat.c)
o Fixed a little bug that caused context->opendir to fail at least on every
  w98 SE machine I tried.

As the patch is 3000+ lines, it is gzipped. A plain-text version is available at
The size also means there is lot of testing in front of us.

Tom Jansen -- tom at
Ninja ISD  --

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