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Osman Tufanogullari (Garanti Teknoloji) OsmanTuf at garanti.com.tr
Thu Jun 20 00:54:03 GMT 2002

Hi All,

What does Winbindd brings all users and groups of the domain into Linux password db...? Why doesnt it use Windows2000 Active Directory as a centralized authentication and autorization station?

I have 5-6 Win2000 domains and thousands of users and groups... I want to use Linux as file and print servers on my branches.

Linux file system security problem can be solved with Linux file systems with ACL support. But Do I have all my domain users and groups on Linux computer also to reach a share on Linux machine from a Win2000 workstation? Isnt it possible to use Windows directory as Linux password db...?

Any answer will be appreciated...

Thanks in Advance...

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