Samba 2.2.5 has been released

Alexander Bokovoy a.bokovoy at
Thu Jun 20 00:50:05 GMT 2002

On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 03:01:35PM -0500, Gerald Carter wrote:
> The Samba Team is proud to announce the release of Samba 2.2.5. This is
> the latest stable release of Samba. This is the version that all
> production Samba servers should be running for all current bug-fixes. See
> the Release notes that follow.
> Binary packages for various platforms are available (or soon will be)
> from in /pub/samba/Binary_Packages/
> One item that got left out of the 2.2.4 release notes (and 2.2.5 sadly)  
> is the support of both Ukrainian KOI8-U and CP1251 encodings.  Both use
> the "client code = 1125". However, KOI8-U uses "character set = KOI8-U"
> and CP1251 uses "character set = 1251". 
A little fix to this note:

Since now Ukrainian, Russian, Belarussian, and Bulgarian can use CP1251 as
unix character set in Samba and actual mapping is controlled by 'character
set' option, following changes were added to 2.2.4 (hence, to 2.2.5
as well):

Unix		Windows		client codepage		character set
uk_UA.CP1251	CP1125		1125			1251U
other CP1251	CP866		866			1251

These 'other CP1251-based' are ru_RU.CP1251, be_BY.CP1251, bg_BG.CP1251.
This '1251U' fake encoding is in place because 1251 as 'character set' 
is too ambiguous to correctly identify client codepage.

There is no such problem in HEAD due completely different algorithm of
client/server code page mapping.
/ Alexander Bokovoy
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