proposal: libsmbclient functionality addition

Tom Jansen tom at
Wed Jun 19 14:00:12 GMT 2002

Quoting Richard Sharpe <rsharpe at>:

> The problem I have here is that we do not seem to have asked our user
> base 
> what they want.

Alright, update!

I've taken all Andrew's suggested changes into my current code.
The following functionality is the result (or will be ... tomorrow or something).
o Everything is context based (SMBC_CTX pointers are passed around)
o The SMBC_CTX has functions pointers to all current libsmbc functionality.
o The old functions wrap to the new interface with a static context.
o The caching system is either automatic (default) or implemented by the user.
o I just compiled the for the first time and it seems to work. I'm going to
clean up now for samba-code-style.

> I can appreciate the need for changes, as I need them myself, but 
> maintaining backward compatibility may be something that is important, 
> given that libsmbclient is being shipped with a number of Linux distros
> now.
> Also, Caldera may want some say, considering they funded the effort 
> originally.

I think the text I wrote above covers this. And Caldera should not minds if
bin-compat. is kept.

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