restrict anonymous problem

Lin Li linl at
Wed Jun 19 09:01:02 GMT 2002

When I use smbclient to access a Win2K machine, I got "Anonymous login 
followed by "Error returning browse list: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED".
Is there any setting which can make samba server do similar thing 
instead of give out
the list of shares?


Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>Lin Li wrote:
>>I have a samba server(2.2.4), I set "restrict anonymous=yes" and "guest
>> From anothe machine I access this server with "smbclient -L machine_name".
>>When prompting for password, just press enter to pass it. I got reply
>>"Anonymous login successgul" and a list of shares on the server.
>>Why the restrict anonymous setting is not working? Is there any other
>>I am missing or is it a bug?
>Read the manpage.  Restrict anonymous doesn't (in 2.2) do what you would
>expect.  Its a bit weird, and basiclly useless.
>As to 'guest ok = no', I don't think you can set that for IPC$.
>Andrew Bartlett

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