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When I run the Samba tool "testparm" to test the setting of my smb.conf
parameters, my "status" setting is defaulted to "Yes". This means the only
way to set it to "no" is to set it that way in smb.conf, or in one of the
files smb.conf includes. Either that, or there is a bug with the error
message, or a bug that is changing the setting of that parameter at run
time. Nothing changes it deliberately, in the 2.2 code.

While checking the code, I see that there is an assumption that when the
global point "tdb" is null, it is because the status parameter was set to
"no". If the tdb pointer is null because of some other failure, this message
is misleading. 

Perhaps there was some other sort of file system error when
"connections.tdb" was opened. Here is how it's opened.

utils/status.c, 642-650:

	tdb = tdb_open_log(lock_path("connections.tdb"), 0, TDB_DEFAULT,
	if (!tdb) {
		printf("%s not initialized.\n",
		printf("This is normal if an SMB client has never connected
to your server.\n");
		if (!lp_status(-1)) {
			printf("You need to have status=yes in your smb
config file\n");

Here is how the error message in question occurs:

smbd/process.c, 827-831:

		if (!conn_tdb_ctx()) {
			DEBUG(0,("smbd_process_limit: max smbd processes
parameter set with status parameter not \
set. Ignoring max smbd restriction.\n"));
			return False;

lp_status should probably be tested there, in order to choose the right
error message.

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>Why do you have the status parameter set to no?

i've never set status =no in my smb.conf !!!

but now i append the line status =yes and the answer is the same !

ERROR: the 'max smbd processes' parameter is set and the 'status' parameter 
is set to 'no'

here is the begining of my smb.conf

   status = yes
    workgroup = mySERVER
    hosts allow = 194.199. 172.16. 127.
    client code page = 850
    character set = ISO8859-1
    log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m
    max log size = 50
    security = server
    password server = server
    encrypt passwords = yes
    socket options = TCP_NODELAY
    os level = 33
    domain master = yes
    preferred master = yes
    dns proxy = no
    max connections = 80
    max disk size = 20
    max smbd processes = 80
    deadtime = 10

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