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The level number in the macro call specifies the number which the Samba log
level must match or exceed in order for that debug statement to appear in
the log. The Samba log level is controlled by the smb.conf "log level"

If you place a "DEBUG(10, ( ..." in the code, and set the Samba log level to
8, the debug message won't appear. Increase the log level to 10 or more, and
it appears.

I usually run Samba a log level 2, so I can see general informational
entries, and serious problems. If I need to debug a problem, I increase the
log level to 10, so I can see almost all of what Samba is doing as it

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> Hi everybody, Can anybody tell me what is the significance of level (the
> integer ) in DEBUG macro in SAMBA code. There is one debug in reply.c
> file.When it will be executed, and if at all executed, where it will be
> logged, i mean which log file??

The higher the debug level, the more information written to the 
"log file".  Generally 10 is the highest used debug level, but 
50 will guive you full packets dumps in /tmp and 100 is used to debug 
password changes.

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