NTLM authentication with smblib against AD

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue Jun 18 18:30:03 GMT 2002

Yuquan Jiang wrote:
> I have been using smblib 1.0 to implement NTLM authentication to PDCs.
> Now I find it fail to authenticate with a win2k server running active
> directory.
> Is there any patch to this SMB library that can talk to AD to
> authenticate users

*Please* don't use smblib, smbval, libsmb++ etc for various hacked-up
authenticaions schemes.... 

The samba team has deveoped a quite sensible interface for this - use
pam_winbind or (but this interface changes more often) the winbind
socket interface.  

You will find that various client libs only support older dialects of
the protocol, and therefore fail when the remote server only accepts NT
authenticaion (not the LM used in older versions).

Andrew Bartlett

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