UTF-8 support and other quirks in the LDAP backend (in 2.2.4).

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at metzemix.de
Tue Jun 18 10:10:02 GMT 2002

At 18:44 18.06.2002 +0200, Fredrik Ohrn wrote:

>We are currently migrating from using a smbpasswd file to LDAP.
>One problem we uncovered is that the backend needs to convert all strings
>stored in LDAP to/from UTF-8. This mainly affects users real names which
>look quite borked if they contain non 7bit ASCII chars. Some LDAP servers
>will let you use any charset but OpenLDAP likes to enforce UTF-8 (also the
>LDAPv3 standard mandates it).
>Binding to the LDAP server with v3 of the protocol would be nice, since v2
>is deprecated in OpenLDAP v2.1 (OK, so v2.1 isn't ready for prime time
>yet, but it's still nice to get it done).
>Sane defaults need to be added for optional attributes, for example
>pwdMustChange ought to be never if it's not present in the users
>My question is if anyone is actively working on the LDAP backend and if
>the above problems will be fixed soon. Else I will start working on it
>myself and submit some patches.

I didn't know that someone is actually working on this,
but it was discussed to make the whole passdb subsystem using multibyte 
I remeber UTF-8 for LDAP and UCS2 for tdb..

See in the samba-technical archives the last few days the SUBJECT was: 
passdb TODO list

I think patches are very welcome:-)

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