Winbindd questions and concerns

Johnston, Christopher (DCSA) cjohnston at
Tue Jun 18 07:28:02 GMT 2002

Currently we are deploying a standard desktop release of Linux Redhat 7.3 built around the samba/winbindd components to allow NT authentication into our workstations.  One of our major concerns is
SUID->UID mappings.  I notice that the algorithm that is build into the software to date creates random UIDs within a lock file.  That scenario can get pretty messy in a distributed environment when
dealing with NFS since most of the infrastructure on our desktops here at ML utilize NFS.  I was curious if any sort of development has been created to resolve this using a centralized lock file? Or
perhaps something similar to NIS where can maintain similar UIDs across all our workstations.  I know LDAP can be used as a much better setup but we are about 1-2 years away from running that in
production since we are dealing with well over 48k NT accounts, which is a HUGE migration for us.  I did notice some development work has been done with the Samba-TNG branch which seems to using
something called SURS.. does anyone have any more information on this?
Christopher Johnston
Merrill Lynch / DCSA
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