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Tue Jun 18 04:11:02 GMT 2002

Dear Sir/mdn,
            I have some problems which may need your guidiance to slove this samba setup. (version 1.9.18p10-3) on my linux redhat
apollo 5.2 . I had no problem using ping from win98 client or telnet sesssion but with neigbourhood browsing . I cannot map the network server showing error ..... the specified computer did not received your request,try again later ! is the problems. I had books like dummies samba setup ( though its version is 2.03 but i m running verison i had mentioned 1.9.18..) and
it didnt help to solve. I even got problems with smbclient -L server ....showing errors...session request failure ( 131,129) ....but i can
read my window client....with a list of directories and share shown ....though it shown lmhost file cannot be found , error..
         I am confused by the book , some says use lmhost file, others says do not ..pls use wins ..better. ! ? can i run the share even if i dun use DNS....for me a bit confusing now .......DNS ..LMHost ..Wins.....Domain ....s. aha...sounds confusing!
         Please advise ........

Million thanKs! 
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