Cascaded VFS patch

Jean Francois Micouleau Jean-Francois.Micouleau at
Tue Jun 18 00:49:38 GMT 2002

On 17 Jun 2002, Simo Sorce wrote:

> I've just reviewed Alexander Cascaded VFS patch and found it ok,
> now I'm attaching a new diff against current CVS to make it easy to test
> before I commit it into the tree.
> Unfortunately I have not much time to test it so I have a little request
> for list attendees.

Just a note about the VFS I wanted to discuss with alexander at sambaXP
but didn't have the time.

I don't like the idea that the vfs module see the vfs struct and muck with
it at module's load time.

I would prefer something along all the vfs internal tables hidden to the
vfs modules and only some vfs functions exported to the vfs modules.

What I'm thinking is the samba vfs core exports 2 functions:
vfs_register_module() and vfs_register_function(). On module loading (in
the dl_open() function or whatever), the module calls this functions like


	vfs_register_function("my_vfs_module", "open", my_module_open);
	vfs_register_function("my_vfs_module", "close", my_module_close);
	vfs_register_function("my_vfs_module", "read", my_module_read);
	vfs_register_function("my_vfs_module", "write", my_module_write);

I thought of that while listening to the VFS presentation at sambaXP, I
don't see why the vfs structs should be visible and more importantly it
would allow modules to run even if samba vfs struct changes. Vfs modules
maintainers wouldn't have to follow samba developement (and changes) as
close as it's required now.


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