Implementing SamOemChangePassword in Java

Tony Thompson tony.thompson at
Mon Jun 17 13:35:02 GMT 2002

I already posted this on the regular Samba list but decide that this list might be a better place.  Sorry if I decided wrong.

I am attempting to implement the SamOemChangePassword RAP call in Java (in
jCIFS actually) and have been having very little luck.  I found some C
code that would indicate that someone has done this in Samba already.

Can anyone on this list (hopefully someone who has already implemented
this) give me an idea what I might be doing wrong?  I am attaching two
packet traces.  One is from a Win98 machine changing the password on an
NT4 domain.  The other is my attempt at doing the same thing with jCIFS.
There are some things that are different and I thought that someone who
has done this before might be able to tell what I need to change to make
this work.

Also, if anyone could get a packet trace of the Samba code doing the same
thing, it might help to have a second working packet trace for me to look

Thanks for any help you can provide,

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