Samba TNG - "Broken pipe" with samedit

xfesty xfesty at
Mon Jun 17 10:24:02 GMT 2002

On 18/6/02 4:11 AM, "Richard Sharpe" <rsharpe at> spoke these words:

> On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, xfesty wrote:
>> On 18/6/02 2:27 AM, "Richard Sharpe" <rsharpe at> spoke these words:
>> Richard -: regarding error messages in log files, I'd get absolutely none.
>> The XP machines can join the domain, (as 2K clients can), but on reboot,
>> trying to logon just comes up with the "domain controller may be down, or
>> invalid username/password" dialog.  2K would run perfectly.  Its like XP
>> isn't even talking to the Samba box properly.  (In non-PDC mode, they can
>> talk perfectly).
> OK, so this means that something is failing in the LSA/SAMR/etc RPC chain
> involved in logging on after joining.
> We would like to see a sniff from near the client of all its network
> activity from when you reboot it until you get the error on the client.

No sweat - will do this later today, with just the FreeBSD server and one of
the XP workstations running.  I'll get it to join the domain, then reboot
and try to authenticate a few times.  May be a big file though, so I'll
upload to a web server and email the link to this list.

Cheers - getting sleep now ;)

- Ryan

(Any preferences to what program / settings I should use to capture the
packets?  I could just run ethereal and dump the log file, but off memory
this isn't exactly the easiest thing on the eyes.)

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