Samba TNG - "Broken pipe" with samedit

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Mon Jun 17 10:05:50 GMT 2002

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, xfesty wrote:

> On 18/6/02 2:27 AM, "Richard Sharpe" <rsharpe at> spoke these words:
> Richard -: regarding error messages in log files, I'd get absolutely none.
> The XP machines can join the domain, (as 2K clients can), but on reboot,
> trying to logon just comes up with the "domain controller may be down, or
> invalid username/password" dialog.  2K would run perfectly.  Its like XP
> isn't even talking to the Samba box properly.  (In non-PDC mode, they can
> talk perfectly).

OK, so this means that something is failing in the LSA/SAMR/etc RPC chain 
involved in logging on after joining.
We would like to see a sniff from near the client of all its network 
activity from when you reboot it until you get the error on the client.

> I heard something today about XP having quite a high OS level - is it
> possible this could stop XP from properly talking to Samba?

This is only relevant to browsing. It sounds like XP cannot find the DC 
which is not related to the problem you described.

> Cheers.
> - Ryan
> (Sorry, my questions are misleading at the best of times - loooong day.
> Heh.)

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