Samba TNG - "Broken pipe" with samedit

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Mon Jun 17 08:55:02 GMT 2002

On 18/6/02 2:27 AM, "Richard Sharpe" <rsharpe at> spoke these words:

> On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, Gerald Carter wrote:
>> This is really a question for the sambatng lists.  See
> His original problem was that Samba 2.2.4+ does not allow WinXP clients to
> join the domain, so I suggested he ask here. He has just asked the wrong
> question.

Quote from my original email:
>>> Thanks for your time; and if anybody knows of a solution (end result: PDC
>>> for XP machines), please, reply ;)

Richard - thought I highlighted the fact here that even though I'm aware
this isn't the TNG list; I want an end result of a PDC for XP machines.
This includes getting Samba (non-TNG) actually working.

Richard -: regarding error messages in log files, I'd get absolutely none.
The XP machines can join the domain, (as 2K clients can), but on reboot,
trying to logon just comes up with the "domain controller may be down, or
invalid username/password" dialog.  2K would run perfectly.  Its like XP
isn't even talking to the Samba box properly.  (In non-PDC mode, they can
talk perfectly).

I heard something today about XP having quite a high OS level - is it
possible this could stop XP from properly talking to Samba?


- Ryan

(Sorry, my questions are misleading at the best of times - loooong day.

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