Cascaded VFS patch

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Mon Jun 17 01:56:02 GMT 2002

Hi folks,
I've just reviewed Alexander Cascaded VFS patch and found it ok,
now I'm attaching a new diff against current CVS to make it easy to test
before I commit it into the tree.
Unfortunately I have not much time to test it so I have a little request
for list attendees.

To anyone interested in cascaded VFS:

we need a simple tool to directly test vfs functionality out of smbd, so
we are asking if is there someone with some spare time to take up code
from a client like rpcclient rip off all the rpc things and use it as a
skeleton to build up a vfs-tester where we can easily use commands like
load_module, free_module, open close read write .... and all other vfs
functions to make it easy for us to test the vfs.

I'll wait a bit to merge vfs into head to find out if someone is willing
to take up this simple task.

Thank you all,

Simo Sorce - simo.sorce at
Xsec s.r.l.
via Durando 10 Ed. G - 20158 - Milano
tel. +39 02 2399 7130 - fax: +39 02 700 442 399
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