[PATCH] add pdb_set_{user,group}_sid_from_string

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at nl.linux.org
Fri Jun 14 07:19:01 GMT 2002

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Ok, grabbing together some emails. Mutt's join replies function is
cool :-)
> I figured I may as well ask:  How would you like to be creditied in CVS
> commits?  As 'ctrlsoft' or as 'Jelmer' or as '<jelmer at nl.linux.org>' or
> ... ?
Please use 'Jelmer Vernooij' or 'Jelmer'; there's some weird
east-asian company out there that has called itself ctrlsoft so that
might be confusing.

> I was talking to tpot recently, and he found an interesting bug in the
> current mulitple pdb code.

> If we don't implment setsampwent() in a backend, and that is the only
> backend then we segfault...

> Now the is relitivly easy to 'fix', but I wonder if there is a better
> way to do the design:

> How about doing all the setsampwent() calls at the start, then storing
> the 'getsampwent' and 'endsampwent' fucntion pointers in some sort of
> list.  This way we do all memory allocation etc during the 'set', and
> not implicitly halfway thought the 'get'.  We can also ensure that we
> actually do the 'end' correctly, no matter what modules did/did not
> implement this.

> I was thinking we should just have two linked lists, one of
> 'getsampwent' functions, another of 'endsampwent' functions and use them
> in the various loops.

> How does this sound?
Sounds cool! One sidenote: in case someone calls endsampwent when
one hasn't retrieved all users, we might be calling some setsampwent
and endsampwent functions unnecessarily. What would you say?

> I figured I might just jot down some ideas for the future of the passdb
> subsystem, as well as some of the more immediate todo items:

> Also, we need to get interface versioning going:  We have just changed
> the interface, but we didn't tell anybody :-)  (SID stuff).

How would we do this? Like the VFS subsystem ? (have an int with
the number of functions in the pdb_methods struct?) Or only load
plugins that have the same version number as the samba binaries have?

> I would like to get pdb_xml into Samba at some stage.  What do people
> think of the idea?  (Its a passdb that exports to XML in order to allow
> backups/hand updates pdb backends, tdbsam in particular.)  I've not
> looked at it much, but it does require the basic stuff like new
> configure magic (to detect the XML lib etc).

> http://people.nl.linux.org/~jelmer/downloads/

Maybe a directory 'plugins' could be added to the current CVS
repository? There are currently some plugins in 'examples', but I
think that's the wrong place. Or maybe add a directory source/plugins,
in case we want to have a Makefile generated for the plugins (which
could be quite necessary, seeing the dependencies on things like
libxml, libmysql, virusscanner, etc).

I heard someone (tridge, ab?) was working on a tool that retrieves the
CFLAGS and LDFLAGS for samba plugins. Such a tool would be quite
useful, because that would also mean that plugin developers don't need
to have the samba sources on their system. Who knows more about it?

Oh, another idea: have a way to easily select what to do with modules
: build them in static, build them as a plugin or don't build them at
all. This is very useful for people who:

- - have a OS without dl support(they can even build 'foreign' modules 
- - packagers who don't want their package to depend on a lot of other
  stuff (libldap, libxml, etc) but still can build packages with only
  a plugin


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