2.2.5pre1: unlink design flaw

jd at epcnet.de jd at epcnet.de
Thu Jun 13 15:32:01 GMT 2002

> A similar solution could be used here.  The equivalent of the .OLD
> directory could be something that is not exported by samba.  If an
> unlink() fails because of ETXTBUSY, rename() could be used to move it
> out of the shared directory to a directory that is monitored by a
> "deleted file reaper".

smbfs is a client to a smb server, e.g. winnt. smbfs cannot unlink()
nor rmdir() any files which are open on a smb server.

The problem arises in the fact that samba itself is holding the file
or directory open which should be unlinked or removed. Under
posix no problem, under smb not possible.

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