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Thu Jun 13 00:57:09 GMT 2002

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> Hi,

> I've startet to make the group mapping code modulized in the way it is done 
> in the auth and passdb subsystems.

I think modularising the group mapping code is a good idea. However I'd prefer to see
and would want to help with, a little bit more "radical" approach to the topic. I'd suggest, instead
of creating a group _mapping_ api, create a group api. This would include storing member
information in the groups. This would allow much more flexibility in samba especially in the aliases.
Currently only users can be added to aliases instead of users and groups, as only useres can be 
added to unix groups. Therefore you can't include the Domain Admins group in the Administrators
alias and have to, if you want to include users in both, create two local unix groups. Trying to map two
nt groups to one unix group only works in one direction (nt->unix), so that the nt_user_token for
example would only include one of the groups and therefore access checking would fail currently.

With a group api including members and the appropriate backend that should all hopefully work.
Looking at the code, it will be some work to change all the references but shouldn't be impossible.

> Here is my first version of the module API.

My suggestion is something like the below. But it is more a thought till now than a proper api

BOOL add_group_entry (GROUP_INFO1 group, BOOL local_global, DOM_SID domain, int32 *rid);
BOOL update_group_entry(GROUP_INFO1 group, DOM_SID group_sid);
BOOL del_group_entry(DOM_SID group_sid);
BOOL enum_group_entries(DOM_SID domain, BOOL local_global, GROUP_INFO1 **groups);
BOOL get_group_by_sid(DOM_SID group_sid, GROUP_INFO1 *group);
BOOL get_group_by_ntname(char *name, BOOL local_global, GROUP_INFO1 *group);

BOOL add_member to group(DOM_SID group_sid, DOM_SID member_sid);
BOOL delete_member_from_group(DOM_SID group_sid, DOM_SID member_sid);
BOOL enum_members_of_group(DOM_SID group_sid, DOM_SID **members);
BOOL get_groups_of_user(DOM_SID user_sid, DOM_SID **group_sids);

BOOL get_group_sd(DOM_SID group_sid, SEC_DESC *sd);
BOOL set_group_sd(DOM_SID group_sid, SEC_DESC *sd);

Instead of using the GROUP_INFO1 struct it is probably best to create a new structure that
doesn't contain the UNI_HDR and instead contains the SID of the group.

I've included the get_group_sd, because that makes the handling of the builtin domain and aliases
easier. The differences between the normal domain and builtin can then be done in higher level
functions using the SDs.

> I want to add a paramter:
> group mapping backend = tdbsam
> tdbsam should be the default.
> Comments please!
> metze


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