VS: Multiple SWAT admins

Nieminen, Jooel Jooel.Nieminen at gwspikval.com
Mon Jun 10 02:45:32 GMT 2002

Surely would want that.
actually, swat documentation on web does not say anything about this.
I would allow domain admins or separately created swat admins group to
use it.


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Aihe: Multiple SWAT admins

I'm wondering if anyone else out there would like users other than root to
be able to configure samba through swat...

I have some boxes with several admins, none of who get the root password
(sudo is configured on the systems). Things like CUPS can take a a group to
be given full access, I'd like to do the same for SWAT.

Are there any reasons against doing this? (I've already patched my own to
take a "swat admin group" or something in the smb.conf file, so I can post
my patch here if requested.)


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