samba-2.2.5pre1 posted on

Gerald Carter jerry at
Sat Jun 8 09:37:05 GMT 2002


I've tagged prerelease-2-2-5pre1 in CVS and posted 
a tarball at

RedHat 7.3 RPM and SRPM can be found at

This is a non-production release intended only
for testing.   Please report issues, bugs, success
on this mailing list (since you are already subscribed).
Hopefully this will be the only prerelease before the 
final 2.2.5 version.

Bang on it.  Test as much as you can on as many platforms
as you can: domain controlling, printing, file serving, 
VFS, LDAP, Samba PDC/BDC combination, etc...

Here's a quick ChangeLog (more complete one to be done
for the final release...i'm still getting my system 
together).  I've probably left somethings out.
If there is any doubt, please ask or check the CVS logs.

Much appreciated.

cheers, jerry


  * fixed marshalling error in spoolss_io_devmode()
    which cauised ACT! 2000 on 2k/xp clients not to 

  * fixed alignment bug in spoolss system which caused
    Win2k/XP clients not to be able to 

  * enforce the valid/invalid users parameter on printer
    shares when coming in from NT/2k/xp clients

  * fixed bug that prevent MS Access binary and database
    from being served on a Samba share concurrently

  * added -S switch to smbpasswd for setting the domain SID
    in secrets.tdb by querying a remote DC

  * Fixed LDAP unitialized time values in SAM_ACCOUNT
    when using LDAP directory and non-existent attributes

  * cleaned up to properly import 
    and smbpasswd file a set of sambaAccount entries

  * Added extension to VFS recycle bin

  * Several signal handlers issues fix relating to change 
    notification and oplocks on Linux 2.4 kernels

  * Cleaned up many compile issues on Solaris both using GCC
    and Sun Workshop Compiler.

  * more work on supporting various Linux quota systems

  * will now idle a connection with an open pipe, but only
    if there are no open handles on it (print server 
    scalability issue with NT/2k/xp clients)

  * ....

Known Bugs

  * user password changes with using --with-ldapsam appear 
    to be broken.  Still looking into this one.  Don't know
    if it affects smbpasswd installations.

  * various docs out of date (smb.conf(5) and several HOWTO's)

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