samba 2.2.5-pre and solaris 9

Juergen Hasch Hasch at
Fri Jun 7 13:07:01 GMT 2002

Am Freitag, 7. Juni 2002 21:57 schrieb Gerald Carter:
> On Fri, 7 Jun 2002, Juergen Hasch wrote:
> > +dnl Check if we use GNU ld
> > +LD=ld
> That's what I needed.  I couldn't find it mentioned in my book.
I hadn't known that one too, but google is your friend :-)

> Looks good to me.  Do we still need to pass the -Wl flag to Sun's ld?
Yes, because we are calling GCC and not ld directly:
  @$(CC) $(FLAGS) -o $@ $(SMBD_OBJ) $(LDFLAGS) $(DYNEXP) $(LIBS)


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