Problem copying files from Win2k Novell client to Samba (repost)

Dan Barrett dan.barrett at
Thu Jun 6 09:45:02 GMT 2002

The problem I reported would occur with Samba 2.2.4, but not 2.2.2.  set_sd() in 2.2.4 returns False if the sd_len passed by the client is 0.  This would be okay, except Novell clients apparently set sd_len=0. 

To fix the novell problem, I changed set_sd() to return True, not False if sd_len==0.  I never got a response on why this code was added to 2.2.4.

-Dan Barrett

static BOOL set_sd(files_struct *fsp, char *data, uint32 sd_len, uint32 security_info_sent, int *pdef_class,uint32 *pdef_code)
	prs_struct pd;
	SEC_DESC *psd = NULL;
	TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx;
	BOOL ret;

	/* Stock Samba fails if sd_len==0, but some Novell client copies pass SMB requests with valid EA info, but no SD.  We want to allow these types of opens.*/  
	if (sd_len == 0) {
		DEBUG(5,("set_sd: sd_len==0. Allowing anyway.\n"));
		*pdef_class = 0;
		*pdef_code = 0;
		return True;


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I'm getting reports of similar problems. Nobody responded before - can
anyone help?


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