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Simo Sorce idra at samba.org
Wed Jun 5 09:55:01 GMT 2002

Better forward this bug to the technical list.

Anyone using samba on >2 processors machine?

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Subject: smbd 2.2.4 Solaris 8 on intel (PR#24507)
Date: 05 Jun 2002 09:29:30 -0700

I am not even sure how to describe this issue.

We have a University labratory environment with 150 or so Windows
computers that connect to our samba server. We have smbd 2.2.2
running on a Solaris 8 Sparc computer without an issue :-)

We wish to move the smb services to a quad intel machine running
Solaris 8. We first started with 2.2.4 compiled with the
same options as on the sparc machine.

Sparc options
./configure --prefix=/public/sparc/samba-2.2.2

But we got hundreds of Signal 11 (segmentation faults).
Even the nmbd died from this.

We then switched back to 2.2.2, but had the same results.

After some extensive trouble shooting, it appeared to be
the --with-quotas option that was causing the problem,
so we recompiled 2.2.4 with the following options

  -O2 -funroll-loops -fexpensive-optimizations' \
  -funroll-loops -fexpensive-optimizations' \
> ./configure  --prefix=/package/samba-2.2.4 \
> --sysconfdir=/etc/localhost/samba-2.2.4 \
> --with-configdir=/etc/localhost/samba-2.2.4 \
> --with-privatedir=/etc/localhost/samba-2.2.4/private \
> --with-logfilebase=/var/log/samba-2.2.4 \
> --with-lockdir=/var/log/samba-2.2.4/locks \
> --with-piddir=/var/log/samba-2.2.4 \
> --with-acl-support \
> --with-automount \
> --with-pam \
> --sharedstatedir=/var/samba-2.2.4

With only two Win2k machines using this server, we were unable to
reproduce the segmentation faults. We fineshed the configuration, and
then we switched smb services to this machine.

1. stop nmbd on current server
2. start smbd on new server
3. start nmbd on new server

As clients connect to the netbios name, they gradually learn of
the new server. The connections to the old server taper off,
and the connections to the new server start to build.

Almost immediately, the logs include the segmentation fault error
message (signal 11).

Incidentally, compiling without any CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS
does not make any difference to this problem, nor does using
Suns supplied gcc with the Sun as/ld or if we use gcc3.0.4 with
gnu as/ld.

I have a level 3 logs at

Any assistance/test we can do to help out is of course available.


Evan Rempel <erempel at UVic.CA>  250.721.8296
Senior Programmer Analyst
University of Victoria

Simo Sorce
Una scelta di liberta': Software Libero.
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